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Phoenix, AZ
Just want Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston to get along and of course, world peace. #Dbacks #ArizonaCardinals #Jazz #Suns #USA #Constitution
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From @tina_nguyen
Right as the Smollett narrative began to crumble, I spoke to several conservative pundits about why they thought th…
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From @SilverBulletLLC
@tina_nguyen @mattklewis This line is so delusional : “And the mainstream media’s very investigation into the matte…
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.@SilverBulletLLC: national MSM gets away with lots of things, simply because their loudest opponents are dim & deranged cons. Vast majority of Americans no doubt oppose Smollett's hoax. Con grifters only use it for childish "own the libs".