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SVTaylor Biden2020🥁
United States
RN 35 yrs Blessed with a Daughter and 2 granddaughters! #Biden2020🥁 #TeamJoe🌊 #TwitterPhilanthropy💙
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From @WCKitchen
WCK’s @chefjasoncollis reporting in from Geyserville where the #KincadeFire has jumped the ridge and now covers nea…
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From @sharonvt75
@WCKitchen @chefjasoncollis Stay safe!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@sharonvt75: Katrina, Maria, etc would have killed fewer if more had a Utah/scouting/etc ethos. Jose Andres & probably @WCKitchen & @chefjasoncollis go in the opposite direction: making people dependent on gourmet sandwiches rather than enabling self-sufficiency.