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Shannon McGregor, PhD
Salt Lake City, UT
asst. prof of comm @UUtah /alum: @utaustin @msrsmc @UF /political comm: social media, public opinion, data, news, gender /she, her
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From @NoahShachtman
Stunning story that shows how Facebook worked overtime for Trump -- crafting digital strategy, creating custom code…
From @sivavaid
@NoahShachtman Once again, scholars broke this years ago. Specifically @shannimcg and @kreissdaniel.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Anyone with millions to spend gets the red carpet from vendors. Those "scholars" are as big a joke as Shachtman. MT @sivavaid scholars broke this years ago. Specifically @shannimcg and @kreissdaniel MT @NoahShachtman ["stunning" that FB helped Trump spend his money]