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From @ddale8
Trump sent supporters a signed stock market chart from this afternoon, screenshots of TV coverage of the stock mark…
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From @SeanRohead
@ddale8 @jamiegangel Only Trump would think a 1,985 point gain was something to brag about the day after he singleh…
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From @jenminicooper
@SeanRohead @ddale8 @jamiegangel the bigger point, I think, is his apparent utter disregard for the ‘numbers’ being…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jenminicooper: nothing @ddale8 has ever said has done anything other than *help* Trump. Really think about that & try to name even one counterexample. Enabling Dale = helping Trump. If you want to hold Trump accountable, find leaders who can engage Trump & show him wrong.