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Out West
“The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either, but right through every human heart.”
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From @EWErickson
A brief word and serious note on this impeachment stuff — we live in a country where we can vote for or against pol…
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From @EWErickson
Tonight, under our constitutional system, a group of congressmen voted to impeach our President. You can dislike t…
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From @SaukFish
@EWErickson @Susan_Hennessey A surprisingly adult observation.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@SaukFish: FYI, I posted ~75 blog posts to #RedState & got banned for opposing GWB. Then, @EWErickson stole my (c) content. More recently, he could have easily made Trump better, helping GOP & (importantly) the USA. Remember this Erickson idea?