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Stephen Andrew
Austin TX/Spacecoast FL
Steven - DarkSyde - Andrew at DailyKos, owner/writer of Zingularity at FreeThoughtBlogs, Godless free lance science writer and author
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@SAndrewDKos: P.S. I was banned from DK way back in 2003 when it was just a solo site for showing how he'd got his facts wrong. #p2 #tlot
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@SAndrewDKos: what in your wee mind makes you think I'm a #teaparty fan? I have no idea what Girl Scout tax is, won't bother. #p2 #tlot
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From @24aheaddotcom_
@SAndrewDKos says "wldnt the Obama fetus in Hawaii count as a person" // you'd be an embarrassment to DK if they had any shame. #p2 #tlot