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somewhere in new jersey
I am not sensitive there just ain't no cure for stupid.I sure do wish there was.
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BREAKING: HUNG JURY in the #ScottWarren case. After 15+ hours of deliberation, a hung jury was officially declared,…
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@NoMoreDeaths No one should criminalize humanitarian aid
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@NoMoreDeaths So proud of y'all
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.@People4Bernie: you're "proud" of NoMoreDeaths. Bernie can figure out they serve Big Biz' cheap labor agenda. Even worse, their actions *increase* the # who die on the border. They give people a false sense of safety, making them think there are water stations. That kills ppl.
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.@sanbach1314: let's say you were tempted to walk 20 miles across a dangerous desert. Would you be more likely to do it if you thought there'd be people with water for you along the way? NoMoreDeaths kills people by making them think they can survive a dangerous trek.