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Suburban Woman .. Christian Democrat but sometimes I curse. I do not support caging children. I can go so low, I limbo. Notifications off.
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"I think there's a lot we don't know and I can certainly understand why they would want to talk to Secretary Pompeo…
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@DeadlineWH @karendeyoung1 @NicolleDWallace Thank you Nicolle for great fact-finding journalism on Ukraine. Actuall…
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@DeadlineWH @karendeyoung1 @NicolleDWallace Now this is a rerun I can love …. All the President's men.
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Just switch 3 terms & you'd sound like every Fox News viewer. MT @bmckenz44559503 Thank you @NicolleDWallace for great fact-finding journalism on Ukraine. Actually MSNBC has done a great job focusing on the facts only on Ukraine and supporting facts-only journalism with VP Biden
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.@SamSanderson123: except Trump isn't Nixon (smarter but much less charismatic & street smart). @karendeyoung1 blogs that 300 ex-officials oppose Trump; it'll have the same impact 100 historians voting him worst ever did (you probably missed that, it had no impact either).