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Sandra E. Garcia
Harlemite. Reportera bilingüe @NYTimes. Your ideas lack Adobo.
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From @S_Evangelina
Candice Payne told me she knows it sounds like a rich person helped the homeless on the coldest day in Chicago last…
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From @DMCherylsuarez
@S_Evangelina @FlemmingCarlson One single act of kindness most likely saved many lives. Thank you Candice Payne
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@DMCherylsuarez: you cheer the @S_Evangelina blog "Chicago Woman Got 30 Hotel Rooms for Homeless People During Severe Cold Snap". The NeoLiberal (free trade/loose borders/globalism) policies NYT supports increases homelessness. Such blogs are meant to distract people from that.