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Noah Rudnick
Washington, DC
Election Data Analyst - Awkward tall guy with glasses - Lover of elections, Steppenwolf & the Miami Dolphins, so basically a younger Jeb Bush. Tweets are my own
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From @benpershing
Again, you have to wonder whether Republicans could've saved some of these House seats if they'd had a slightly bet…
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From @rudnicknoah
@benpershing Cox didn't even do horribly, though not great. but the odds Trump gets more than 38% in 2020...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@rudnicknoah: hey Noah, @benpershing thinks majority white districts should only be represented by whites; you can find it in his feed if you think what he hypes through. Do you agree with Ben blacks should be kept from representing majority white districts? #NationalJournal