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Ron Wellington (2-6)
New York, NY
Success is not linear. Business Administration Major. Giants, Knicks, Yankees.
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From @NFL
The @MiamiDolphins are rocking the throwbacks on #MNF! #FinsUp : #MIAvsPIT - 8:15pm ET on ESPN : NFL app // Yaho…
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From @ronology_
@NFL @MiamiDolphins The throwback unis won’t bring back the ‘72 Dolphins.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ronology_: the 72 Dolphins, those were the days. NFL began just a couple decades before with a simple idea: "bend over & I'll slip my hands between your thighs." Soon the @NFL moved it out of Central Park bushes & ran trailers after gladiator movies. It soon become #1 in USA!