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Robert Raves
Concerned Libertarian Republican/Fiscal Conservative, Constitutionalist, American Freedom Lover, Business Owner, NRA Life Member.
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From @RobertRaves
Ann Coulter Said it Best: #ObamaCare is a Welfare Program, Paid for with your HealthCare Premiums rather than your Taxes. @AnnCoulter
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From @Nottinghams1
@RobertRaves @Doc_JJK @AnnCoulter True one that the #SupremeCourt gave us. You can thank #JohnRoberts for it. #SellOut #ObamaSackLicker
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Nottinghams1: I need a patriot to repeatedly try to get Ann Coulter to help stop Obama's amnesty: Will you do that?