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Rob Benjamin
New Jersey
*Cynical Idealist, Optimistic Pessimist *1.6% Neanderthal (Mutts rule). *"Be your own higher power" - Detroit Steel
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From @ChrisCuomo
I told you we’d go to the border and that’s where we are today. And not a moment too soon. This is no shelter. It i…
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From @RobBenjamin
@ChrisCuomo So what are we to become in the face of this? Rescuers or Bystanders?
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From @lariemw
@ChrisCuomo We can do better than this for people.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RobBenjamin: the solution isn't to let everyone in Cent Am & MX move here as @ChrisCuomo wants, it's to stop giving people false hopes & help them improve things where they are. That's the liberal position. Cuomo is wrapping a crooked pro-Big Biz solution in cheap emotionalism.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@lariemw: @ChrisCuomo is promoting horrific, very pro-Big Biz policy. He'd drain Cent Am/MX of their most active citizens, leaving those who can't leave behind & making things there *even worse*. He'd flood the USA with cheap labor, greatly harming American workers. Follow the $