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Old lady woke late #Resistance. #SOSAmerica2019 I search & block MAGAts, bots & trolls who follow so don’t even try. #fbr after vet.
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Two months after Facebook pledged to fight vaccine misinformation on its platforms, and in the midst of a measles o…
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@kyurieff @brianstelter
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Do you have any 30s-50s era Pravdas where I can read the original? MT @kyurieff Two months after Facebook pledged to fight vaccine misinfo on its platforms, & in midst of measles outbreak in New York City, Instagram still serves up posts from anti-vaccination accounts. My story:
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.@RitaOldLadyDem_: @kyurieff is pushing a fascistic idea: censorship to push one scientific POV. Look up Lysenko.