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RT @georgejgalatis: @RickRWells Diversity = Anti-White = White Genocide; Biden affirms Progressive Libs eugenics agenda. @LadyAodh @AnnCoul…
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.@AESamaan @georgejgalatis @RickRWells: FYI, Coulter's a big fan of #NFLBLM (Kaepernick etc.), hates #soccer (Rooney, Messi, etc) #Trump2016
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RT @RickRWells: Five Times Deported Criminal- Nobody Respects US Immigration Laws #trump #trump2016…
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.@carewolf10: as a pet shrink, aren't you smart enough to realize Trump's policies are completely unrealistic? #PetPsychology #TrumpTrain
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@KristyTallman @RickRWells: what's your action plan to oppose Jeh Johnson & make him stringently enforce #immigration laws?