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Rick Folbaum
Atlanta, GA
Anchor @CBS46. Alum: @NewhouseSU, @MSNBC, @FoxNews, @CBSMiami & @CNNI. Dad. Mensch. Only want to see you laughing in the Purple Rain.
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.@julianzelizer and I talk about the G7 summit, the Trump economy and @WalshFreedom's entry into the 2020 race.
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.@RickFolbaum: hey Rick, @julianzelizer blogs about Trump + the deficit. There are smart things he could do right now that would make Trump pay more attention. Is he doing them? (Hint: no, CNN OpEds don't count). He simply lacks the smarts to even comprehend of those things.
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MT @RickFolbaum ..@GovBrewer may go from being vilified over immigration stance to hailed for gay rights stance with almost exact same demo.