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South Carolina, USA
Politics, football 🏈 & fast cars. I don't paint my nails and I don't wear dresses. I cuss. The hair is natural and the temper is real. #MAGA #CarolinaGirl 🌴
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RT @Redheaded_Jenn: EXCELLENT thread about #QFDshadowbanned #QFDshadowban #MAGA is being silenced by Twitter. Here's plenty of proof.…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@tonyb52 @Redheaded_Jenn: #Twitter heavily censors all types of users. They censor about as many libs as cons. They also censor Mike Trout fans & Target customers. So far, cons are no help to the 100 million users who should be concerned about #QFDshadowban. Cons *help* Twitter