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Tiohtià:ke tsi ionhwéntsare
Married Parent @NHLFlames + @CanadiensMTL fan proud K͎a͎n͎i͎e͎n͎'͎k͎e͎h͎a͎:͎k͎a͎
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From @thesyc66
RT @Rahrakwasere: Through all of that, @Delbius, Twitter Support AUTOMATES lrocessing of Appeals and Refuses to Reverse on Appeal even when…
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.@thesyc66: FYI, @Delbius heavily censors *all* kinds of users. That includes libs replying to Trump officials, those opposing oppressive regimes around the world, etc. Find a reporter to cover the data at my top tweet & you'll put them in a world of hurt & force real change.