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Ragnar Lifthrasir
Laguna Beach, CA
#Bitcoin since 2011 | Founded the International #Blockchain Real Estate Association in 2013 + @velox_RE in 2016 | @Columbia MRED
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From @shanep1
Truth!! RT @AnnCoulter: Immigrants aren't black Americans. We owe them nothing. They owe us.
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From @NewsOfMideast
@shanep1 @AnnCoulter @Ragnarly So lets tear down the Statue of Liberty & everything our forefathers believed in so we can ban BROWN PEOPLE?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@NewsOfMideast: help undercut Coulter to her base by pointing out to #Teaparty & #Trump2016 that she *does* absolutely nothing but yak.