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Christian, mom of 9 married to their dad for 28 yrs❤ proud mom of an American Soldier🇺🇸 #MAGA #Trump from the beginning, Business Owner. No lists
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.@ProudMomOf_9 @Thomas1774Paine: Trump could be made to support voluntary repatriations. It isn't amnesty, it'd help U.S. students/workers, & Trump could defend it & use it to smite Dem leaders & the MSM. It's a win all around *and* it's realistic. Will you urge Trump to do it?
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RT @Thomas1774Paine: @realDonaldTrump I like the plan where they get nothing. Because we're tired of paying for them and listening to them…
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Here in reality, Trump obviously doesn't like that plan. In this universe, it should be incredibly obvious that Trump won't do mass deportations. Adjust to reality. #MAGA MT @ProudMomOf_9 RT @Thomas1774Paine: [a Trump] I like the plan where [DACA/DREAMers] get nothing