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A golf course on the planet
Sports Journalist, Editor & PGR Magazine golf equipment & destination reviews, LFC Season Ticket holder, Socialist. Views my own 💚
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RT @Hishyeness: My uncle voted #Leave. I asked him why. He said "immigration has changed the character of this country." I reminded him h…
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Of course not, that'd require thinking. RT @planetgolfrview MT @Hishyeness My uncle voted #Leave...He said "immigration has changed the character of this country." [yet] he immigrated to UK from the Levant.. [when asked why he said]: "I am already here." I have no words.
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.@planetgolfrview @Hishyeness: if everyone can join a club, is it much of a club? Do current members of a club have a duty to ensure it isn't harmed by the addition of large numbers of new members who might not abide by the club's rules?