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Pierre Atlas
Indiana, USA
Political Science prof @MarianUniv. @IBJnews, Army vet, TX native, #ExGOP. There is nothing more un-American than blind, unquestioning obedience to a leader.
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You can add El Paso —>Deadly violence heightens concerns about domestic terrorism and white supremacists @suhaunah
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@hbecerraLATimes @latimes @suhaunah Some will frame the El Paso shooting and other recent shootings like Gilroy, Pi…
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Do your students at #Marian U. know you're so incredibly dim? MT @PierreAtlas El Paso/Gilroy/Pittsburgh [aren't so much mental illness/gun problems] but what we REALLY have in such cases is [Satan!, oh wait] a White supremacist terrorism problem. The new ISIS, but homegrown