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Massachusetts, USA 💩🕳
"Use your head for something other than just a hat rack” ~ Anonymous #LoyalTrumpSupporter #SalesProfessional #StableGenius #America1st #MAGA 🇺🇸
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.@RealEagleWings @GodGetslastWord @PhilMcCrackin44: @AnnCoulter said Trump Wall would be "forever", yet it'd be torn down as soon as he leaves office. The forever alternative is smart arguments that undercut Pelosi to her base. Why isn't Coulter demanding Trump makes those?
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When Trump's out of office, won't same forces that now oppose his Wall neglect or tear down what little is built? MT @RealEagleWings MT @GodGetslastWord: @PhilMcCrackin44 Ann Coulter [ona controversialist shtob sell books]. She was never so much Pro Trump as she was Pro wall