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Phillip Burgart
Cedar Rapids, IA
Sam's dad, ISU Alum, Proud Democrat #cyclONEnation
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From @ThePlumLineGS
Trump's coronavirus response provides a big opening for Democrats to make the case that his megalomania poses a ser…
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From @ThePlumLineGS
Trump's constant claim that everything on his watch is stupendously wonderful is a deeply ingrained pathology. We s…
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From @ThePlumLineGS
A note on Donnie Jr's depraved claim that Democrats want "millions" to die of coronavirus to hurt Trump. Junior ac…
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From @PhillipBurgart
@ThePlumLineGS Jr has openly admitted he views his "job" with the administration to be trolling the left. It's the…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PhillipBurgart: it's extremely easy to undercut Trump to MAGA & to "counter" MAGA "troll[ing]". I've done it here& comments untold times. @ThePlumLineGS & all your other leaders just aren't smart enough to take on simpletons like Trump & his fans. Stop enabling sub-simpletons