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Patrick Svitek
Reporter, @TexasTribune. Email: I write The Blast: Previously @HoustonChron.
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.@PatrickSvitek: what are the toughest questions you've asked Cruz, Trump, Hillary, etc. etc.? Please use an extra sheet if necessary.
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.@PatrickSvitek: it's hilarious a guy shows up at Cruz events with a sign accusing him of liking Nickelback. I'm sure you're beyond that!
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.@nytimes edit bd. seems to side w/ @SenTedCruz re: nailing down Lynch's position on executive action on immigration
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.@PatrickSvitek: why don't you do your job and "nail down" a politician's *real* #immigration stance? Not just talking points. #Houston #sgp
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Would @loisromano use phrases like "tired old white guy" of other groups? @KMPHR @prescott @PatrickSvitek @anphanda JDGATX #tlot #tcot #ows