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Writer/editor/journalist; UT-Austin @UT_CSCM fellow; alum/contributor lots of places. Sign up for my newsletter!
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From @cjane87
A few months ago, I went to California to explore conservatism. Here’s what I learned.
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From @patrick_hruby
@cjane87 This was really interesting. Did you get a sense that CC is at all shaped by passively benefitting from li…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@patrick_hruby: now, @cjane87 blogs "Why alt-right trolls shouted down DJT Jr". As my Twitter censorship report shows, 42% of the replies to Medvedev are censored; she wants it to be higher. One of Putin's key goals is more U.S. censorship; she helps him in that too ("trolls").