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Tone Gordon
Colorado Springs, CO, USA
hardworker love #podcasts favs @patmcafeeshow & @HeartlandRadio 2.0 *I do not work for Pat Mcafee, but he said he's going to hire me on radio once. 😁
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From @patchofblackdfs
It's almost that time 8pm est @adamamin @MollyAMcGrath @patmcafeeshow & @Hasselbeck bring us the excitement from th…
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.@patchofblackdfs @adamamin: kneeball is a joke. Kneeball has a run for 5 yds, a pass for 10, a pass for 5. Min 30 seconds, max *10 minutes* btw each play. In real football that same sequence happens in seconds & w/o a committee of coaches directing every move.