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Nevada, USA
The only thing required for evil to Triumph is for good men and women not to Volunteer for Bernie #FeelTheBern
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From @Elex_Michaelson
What's the New Year's Resolution for @BernieSanders? "To become the Democratic nominee for President of the United…
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From @novenator
@Elex_Michaelson @BernieSanders Thanks for this fair interview Elex. We so rarely get treated to fair treatment, it…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Neither of you have any patriotism. If you did, you'd push tough policy questions, not fluff like Elex asks. MT @novenator [a vol/paid Bernie superfan] Thanks for this fair interview Elex... MT @Elex_Michaelson [asks Bernie for his New Year's resolution, gets stock reply]
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From @MyScarletFelony
RT @novenator: LIVE Stream: @BernieSanders Rally in Lancaster, California #FeelTheBern #CAPrimary #Calibernication
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MyScarletFelony: Sanders campaign ad in #CA features "Viva La Raza" slogan. Do you support ethnic nationalism & if so for whom? #ows #tcot