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Naomi Lim
Washington, DC
Aussie @dcexaminer congressional/campaigns reporter. @BBCNorthAmerica, @CNNPolitics, @newscorpaus alum. Views: mine. Email:
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From @naomitlim
.@amyklobuchar bucking the trend and hosting a campaign event on the same day as a debate. She’s here in Santa Moni…
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From @C_H_Truth
@naomitlim @dcexaminer @amyklobuchar Wow... there looks to be at least 2 or 3 dozen people there?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@C_H_Truth: indeed. There were so few people at the Klobuchar event, @naomitlim could have easily asked her a tough policy question that'd really put her on the spot (& put the other Dems on notice). Did she do that, or just blog a pic of her not doing her job?
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From @naomitlim
This is the first time an impeached president could be reelected. Via @dcexaminer.
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From @krvw
@naomitlim @dcexaminer And it will be a landslide.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@krvw: now, @naomitlim accuses Warren of hypocrisy & other ad homs that - just like those launched at Trump - will only help her. It's possible to use "wine cave" to undercut Warren to her base; see my recent post. Lim can't figure that out & wouldn't do it if she could.