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Naomi Oreskes
Massachussetts, USA
All things 2 do w/ #science #society #climate #history #feminism #skiing Writing columns @SciAm Working with @ErikMConway @NCSE @climscidefense @protectwinters
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@NaomiOreskes: you, o/c, said #2. You also said, "holy s-, if I oppose the #Koch bros where they're truly vulnerable, I'll also be going against the Dems (who agree with the Kochs on that issue). I'd be persona non grata, burned at the stake for apostasy to NeoLiberal ideals".
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From @NaomiOreskes
Koch brothers celebrate wins under Trump administration in leaked document by @lhfang @nicksurgey
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From @24aheaddotcom_
As a #Harvard prof, I have a smarts test for you. Which is more likely to undercut Koch bros to those duped by them: 1. Them opposing the BLM Stream Protection Rule, or 2. Their support for loose borders? MT @NaomiOreskes Koch brothers celebrate wins under Trump admin