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Portland, OR
I peddle books 📚at Powell’s. Formerly from St. Paul Minnesota.
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From @AshleyRParker
Sunday WaPo today: Inside the infighting and missteps in the White House’s coronavirus response, w Jared Kushner at…
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From @nanhjpd
@AshleyRParker @jdawsey1 @PhilipRucker @yabutaleb7 I am so very very very tired of these inept, woefully unprepared…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@nanhjpd: you're part of the problem. You enable those like @AshleyRParker who've never held Trump accountable on anything (if they had, Trump'd be better) Stop being part of the problem. Demand she really press Trump officials on more beds/tests. When she won't, make it a CLM.