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Author THE TAO OF PUG 4-book series from @PenguinBooks @skyhorsepub | Bylines @SInow @Salon @RanttMedia @RawStory @AlterNet | #DemocraticResistanceTaskForce
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Why is the president of the United States cyberbullying a 16-year-old girl? #NyetBeBest
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From @redwardprice719
@joncoopertweets Simply answer: She's done more good for the World than he or anyone in his family has, and the World recognizes her for it.
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@joncoopertweets Because Trump is a pathological malignant narcissist. Extremely dangerous. #BeBest #UNFIT…
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.@nancylevine: if @joncoopertweets were smart, he could turn Trump's Thunberg smear around on him & show him wrong to his base. I can figure out how to do that, Cooper simply isn't smart enough. Instead, Cooper gives the (supposed) bully what he wants. Pathetic.
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.@redwardprice719: what'd really help the USA is encouraging real debate. That's what Thunberg should have done: she could have really put Trump on the spot by just demanding that & pointing out Trump's too weak to do it. @joncoopertweets can't figure that out.