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Nancy Jo Sales
New York, NY
Watch SWIPED: HOOKING UP IN THE DIGITAL AGE on HBO! I’m the director/producer and NYT bestselling author of The Bling Ring and American Girls 🌟
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From @nancyjosales
"She doesn’t fit into any of his ideas of how girls are supposed to act. She isn’t trying to be a contestant in one…
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From @ChamberlainDr
@nancyjosales Nancy, she’s either one of two things. An activist on the world stage open to criticism and mockery b…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@ChamberlainDr: Thunberg could have greatly undercut Trump to his base if, instead of wrestling in the mud with Trump, she had just demanded a debate & pointed out he's too weak to agree. Now, SJWs like @nancyjosales also just help Trump by acting like snowflakes.