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P Segal
San Francisco
Writer, life coach, city native, and director of the nonprofit, ArtHouse, devoted to restoring San Francisco's formerly great creative culture.
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From @JeffreyGuterman
Makes sense to expose #Trump's danger but @duty2warn has mental health pros who are weak diagnosticians. They claim…
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From @mspsegal
@JeffreyGuterman @dnsf @duty2warn delusional disorder, grandiose type: delusions of inflated worth, power, knowledg…
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From @JeffreyGuterman
@mspsegal @dnsf @duty2warn I'm the King of England.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@JeffreyGuterman @mspsegal @duty2warn: what's ironic - & hilarious - is you lack the IQs to figure out how to undercut Trump to #MAGA.