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Writer/Editor for hire, specializing in video games, gadgets, beer, finance & other fun stuff for Fortune, CNBC, Money, Time, Common Sense Media & more.
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.@morrisatlarge: @steve_sailer objects to your tale. Don't worry, you're safe! My goal is to destroy your career & force you to admit the truth or work at Trader Joe's. His goal is just to posture & grift, never to solve problems.
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@krisgraft I check into my hotel Sunday. I expect you to deliver a brisket.
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@MorrisatLarge oh wait you’re talking about sxsw! hit me upppp
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.@krisgraft: have you seen "California Crops Rot as Immigration Crackdown Creates Farmworker Shortage" by @MorrisatLarge? Check it out, then search for "crops rotting in the fields". Growers have been "planting" such fake tales for years. Morris is no journalist. #Fortune