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From @ASlavitt
BREAKING: We know Trump wants to eliminate the ACA and is suing to do so. What I didn’t know until 24 hours ago wa…
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From @ikeonic
@ASlavitt I think he just wants to rebrand and repackage it as TrumpCare.
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From @moisescohen
@ASlavitt The timing is suspect. Ripping health care from millions of Amecians is frightening. It’s disgusting. Why…
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.@ikeonic: all those like @ASlavitt have only ever helped Trump. No one like him has ever undercut Trump in any way. That's just a fact. Trump/#GOP oppose ACA because it'd cost the wealthy who pull their strings money. It's as simple as that. Slavitt can't find his... etc etc.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Another great #TheResistance thinker weighs in. MT @moisescohen ...[Trump trying to end ACA] all comes down to survival...his own. There’s something in the Mueller Report that they don’t want out. Talking about ending ACA is the ultimate distraction.