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Mike Corey
Columbus, OH
Exec Director of @OneVoiceHSC. Opinions my own. Alum of @DukeU, @OSUEdStudies, & @OSU_Law. Formerly of @BrickerLaw, @CDF_Ohio, @CHAOhio.
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last June after @ChrisRuddyNMX told me Pres Trump was considering firing Mueller, White House aides quickly tried to dismiss Ruddy statement
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From @MLCorey1982
@JudyWoodruff @ChrisRuddyNMX They lied.
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Since everyone except #MAGA dislikes Trump, the people you have to convince are them. Echo chambers are pointless. Trump & Ruddy are *extremely* vulnerable on amnesty. Not using that means you help them. MT @MLCorey1982 [something about Mueller to] @JudyWoodruff ChrisRuddyNMX