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Very proud American!!
#MAGA Veterans before Illegals/ VERY Proud American. #ISTAND Do not follow me if you disrespect our flag/#2A/Republican/#MIZZOU/STL Cardinals
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From @DavKat43
In California today, a woman on the street was surrounded by ICE agents who dragged her away from her terrified scr…
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From @45for8
@DavKat43 The CBP wasn't simply detaining Morales-Luna because she was just a random illegal immigrant. Transnation…
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From @DavKat43
@45for8 Nah mate she wasn’t charged. Your narrative & the narrative of your source is false.
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From @Mizzoufan2018
@DavKat43 @45for8 PLEASE keep doing your job @ICEgov Getting illegals OFF the street & OUT of our country.
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From @DavKat43
@Mizzoufan2018 @45for8 @ICEgov PLEASE @ICEgov please make sure enough crops rot in the fields that the cost of fres…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Mizzoufan2018: @DavKat43 snarks to you that ICE should "make sure enough crops rot in the fields that the cost of fresh produce goes up..." Point out she fell for decades-old propaganda (search her phrase) designed to help growers lower wages. She's no liberal. #resist