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Clearwater, Florida
If you're not fighting for democracy; GET OUT OF THE WAY! Descendant of 2 Minutemen using the Gadsden Flag for pol. purps., is dishonoring their memory.
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.@RCdeWinter @Milasecondman: cost @MarcoRubio support from #Teaparty; make sure they see #tlot #ows #occupy
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.@RCdeWinter @Milasecondman: @MarcoRubio isn't up for reelection til 2016. Better idea: point out how his ideas are *not* #teaparty. #tcot
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From @Milasecondman
@24AheadDotCom @RCdeWinter @marcorubio You mean we are going to have this level of STUPIDITY until 2016! God I hate the TEA PARTY!