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Michael A. Stusser
Michael A. Stusser is a writer and documentary filmmaker (Sleeping with Siri). His book, The Dead Guy Interviews (Penguin USA) was released to critical acclaim.
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From @Sulliview
We have entered the Trump Unbound era — and journalists need to step it up. My column
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From @MichaelStusser
@Sulliview This is excellent, Margaret. And here is an essay I wrote about how citizens also need to step it up.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Here's one of my plans to undercut Trump. Replace "Chait" with "Margaret Sullivan", then watch as she doesn't do it or anything effective MT @MichaelStusser: [cheers @Sulliview to self-promote his "essay.. about how citizens also need to step it up"]