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United States
Husband, Father, Brother, life-long Razorback Fan!! WPS!!
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From @ChrisCuomo
Scott says dems are cheating. Trump says he is right. Both offer no proof. Then law enforcement confirms what seems…
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From @michaeljashmore
@ChrisCuomo Did you even read the judges ruling?
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From @ella_earle
@michaeljashmore @ChrisCuomo He'd have to be able to read.
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From @CrowleyAntmarga
@ella_earle @michaeljashmore @ChrisCuomo Mary, Chris Cuomo is brilliant. It’s Trump that doesn’t read. Have you not…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Some Trump misspellings are intentional. @ChrisCuomo refuses to act as a real lawyer would & use Socratic questioning against Trump officials/proxies. He's Kellyanne's [redacted]. MT @CrowleyAntmarga ...Chris Cuomo is brilliant... Have you noticed [Trump's] misspelled words?