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.@michaelhenry123: e.g., @ananavarro said #RAISEAct is "going nowhere" (in a full sentence). Trump's putting on a show. Do you know it too?
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I've said lots of bad things about CNN's Gap Troll, but she can. MT @michaelhenry123 @ananavarro cant even formulate a coherent sentence
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@SteveMcNY @MichaelRCaputo @wfbor @CarlPaladino "NO LANDSLIDES" @The_RGA & @GovChristie supporting a broke candidate.
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@michaelhenry123 Is @The_RGA @GovChristie giving money to this guy?
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@MichaelRCaputo @The_RGA @GovChristie this was in June
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.@michaelhenry123: Kashkari not only refused to answer my policy questions, he smeared me for asking them. Does that fly in lawyerland? #gop