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South Carolina, USA
Living my best life! American Cancer Society's Relay for Life participant, hopeful for a cure for cancer...
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We already know from other continuing investigations that the sitting president has committed crimes in office. Le…
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From @woody2466
@TomSteyer @realDonaldTrump If this guy was in a billionaire nobody would be following him he wouldn’t have the mon…
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From @MelanieSpell
@woody2466 @TomSteyer @realDonaldTrump Don't confuse him with Donald Trump.
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.@MelanieSpell: there are smart, easy, cheap, & guaranteed things @TomSteyer could have done that would have stopped or undercut Trump. He didn't do them but sold a dream. Three years from now he'll still be selling the same dream. Wake up & demand a *smart* opposition to Trump.