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Marty Lederman
Washington, DC
Law professor at Georgetown University Law Center
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From @lawyermom1
@marty_lederman pellucid=excellent word choice!!! worthy of the whistleblower.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@lawyermom1: as a lawyer (?), wargame impeachment. Will Trump resign (like a loser)? Will he be ejected? What will his fans *and leaners* think about the NeoLiberal Deep State/Fake News going after the only leader who's ever presented an alternative to the @marty_lederman types?
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From @marty_lederman
Q: Why did so many concerned WH officials share their stories w/this one particular potential whistleblower? Proba…
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From @TheBobRyan
@marty_lederman @soledadobrien The #Whistleblower is an early entry for #Time’s Person of the Year. Without him, De…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TheBobRyan: Trump fans are sick of those who push harmful anti-American NeoLiberal policies, like @marty_lederman. Trump won't resign or be ejected. Anything else will just outrage MAGA + millions of others who are sick of NeoLiberalism. IOW, Marty's just helping the GOP GOTV.