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Tuxie Catmom
Grandma, cat/animal lover! Protect our Democracy. Remove TraitorTrump! Resisters should #unfollowtrump #Resist #strongertogether #notmypresident
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From @MichaelCBender
NEWS: FEMA Chief Brock Long’s unauthorized travel cost government $151,000, report shows
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From @Swohtz
@MichaelCBender @smartdissent Trump only hires the best....crooks!!
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From @marketfan
@MichaelCBender Another Trump grifter! No surprise there!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@marketfan @waltshaub: @MichaelCBender obsession w/ Brock Long spending small (in govt terms) $ on travel distracts from Long's & Trump's gross incompetence that cost lives. Govt should've had triage/comms/etc teams all throughout #PuertoRico within hours. Clear incompetence.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Swohtz: MichaelCBender is only going after Brock Long over rounding errors (in govt terms). Notice that he's not going after him over his (and Trump's) incredible incompetence on #PuertoRico (most of which you haven't heard about).