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Adam Schiff is God
NYC, Baltimore & Del beaches
Vote blue! Blocked by KKK grand wizard David Duke #klobuchar2020 @sherrodbrown for VP #ditchmitch M4All is a swing state loser; Federer is god; Corgi mom
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From @davidcicilline
Grateful to @RepPeteKing for his support of the Assault Weapons Ban. Time for my other Republican colleagues to s…
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From @ToddUpchuck
@davidcicilline @RepPeteKing Regulating law abiding citizens will do nothing to curb illegal usage of firearms by t…
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From @AmySab1
@ToddUpchuck @davidcicilline @RepPeteKing It may curb access to guns for crazy young white men intent on committing…
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From @LynnoVen
@davidcicilline @RepPeteKing Awesome! Time for both of you to co-sponsor Schiff bill (hr 3214) to repeal idiotic 20…
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From @MysterySolvent
@davidcicilline @RepPeteKing Yes!!! He will be a hero for this!! Get your colleagues on board!! This. Is. Happening…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MysterySolvent: machine guns were readily available for ~13 years. How many mass shootings were there in all those years? If someone asked @davidcicilline that question on video for Youtube, do you think Drudge would link it?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
The NRA thanks you for racializing it. How many have been killed by young black males involving criminal activity vs white spree killers? MT @AmySab1 [gun control] may curb access to guns for crazy young white men intent on committing mass shootings...
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LynnoVen: your current name is "Fire The Hell Out of Tucker Carlson". Lil' Honeckers - right or left - who can't win debates always want to silence opponents to usher in a glorious utopia.