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Washington Post reporter covering politics in Richmond.
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Ken Cuccinelli walked into a bar. And Martin O’Malley lit into him.
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@LVozzella I’m sure @KenCuccinelli was shivering in his boots. Leftists who do this crap are so annoying. But, th…
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.@LundieFrank: if @LVozzella were a real journalist, she'd engage Cucinelli in Socratic debate based on a true reading of Trump's (pro-amnesty) policies. Those like you wouldn't support that & she'd never do it. Neither of you are patriotic.
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.@LVozzella: hey Laura, @aolivo RTs you a lot. Did you read the WaPo editor's note where they admitted their Covington Catholic tale was bogus? Who's the co-author of that bogus tale, and can you trust his news judgment? No need to answer, we know what you think.