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Luke Hellier
Lakeville, MN
Husband to Josi | Dad to three | Sr. Account Exec @publicaffairsco | Town & Country Dad | Lakeville City Council Member | lhellier [at] lakevillemn [dot] gov
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From @sambrodey
Read @attackerman and me on newsy stuff from our 1-on-1 interview w/ Adam SCHIFF as he plots House Intel’s business…
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From @lukehellier
@sambrodey @attackerman Wouldn’t that be a 2 on 1 interview?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@lukehellier: hey Luke, @sambrodey blogs that Trump is "very bitter" about Puerto Rico. Trump's PR response was beyond grossly incompetent. It should show #MAGA that Trump isn't the chess player they think he is. So, other than those like Sam, why hasn't that happened?