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Luke Thompson
New York, NY/Lawrence, KS
Elections, etc. @Con_Speak + housekeeper to @BrookeNevils, cats. Was @r2rusa, @NRSC, others. Jayhawk, Cantab, Eli. Normal disclaimers apply. Abnormal ones too.
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What if @ltthompso is morally right?
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.@evansiegfried: you & @ltthompso are swamp creatures & no one cares about your swamp games with AOC. She's most vulnerable on #immigration, but you can't go after her on that because it'd splash back on your sugardaddies.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
#Twitter has locked the account of @ltthompso after he questioned #AOC about her boyfriend having a U.S. House email account. NYT etc would have won plaudits for the same (worthless) questioning, but cons don't have the smarts & sanity of the NYT (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) #MAGA #resist