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Despise media bias, globalists, corruption, war mongering ethically challenged politicians.
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From @RosenforNevada
Instead of standing up to President Trump today on his anti-immigrant agenda, Senator Heller gave him a warm embrac…
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From @LockHerUp_
@RosenforNevada Just another lying Dem... say it with me: I L L E G A L. Can you say something honest for once Whacky-Jackie?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LockHerUp_: the best way to undercut #WackyJacky is to ask her tough questions at her events that undercut her *to her base*. Undercutting her to MAGA doesn't count, it has to be to her base. See my activism tab for such questions. Will you help organize an effort to ask them?